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About Us

Several years ago, Kaina's SpicesForLess was built around a simple idea: High quality spices and seasonings should be easy to buy, extremely fresh and nicely packaged when they arrive … and much less expensive!  Fortunately we’ve been able to make that idea a reality by bringing you a simple and friendly buying experience – at prices substantially lower than both grocery stores and other online sellers.

Whatever you plan to cook, bake, grill or prepare, our extensive list of fresh spices, seasonings, rubs and coffees from all around the world makes the one-stop shop for all your spice needs!

We also strive to maintain the highest level of quality for all the products we offer, and we passionately preserve the freshness of our products from procurement to packaging to your doorstep!  Unlike most other retailers, with incredibly long supply chains or extensive pre-packaging operations, our products are carefully packaged by hand and arrive quickly at your door in our moisture-proof, FDA-approved spice pouches or jars, guaranteeing unmatched freshness and quality.


Our predecessor, Kataria’s Kitchen®, based in New York City, was a small family business that traced its roots back to a single storefront in 1976.  Since then the business has grown and evolved significantly, launching an online presence in 2011 and relocating to a much larger facility in early 2013. 

Today, Kaina’s SpicesForLess ® is a leading online retailer and wholesaler of over 400 of the freshest spices and seasonings available on the market today!  We recently modified our logo to better reflect the future of our brand and the freshness and quality that we offer.


When Kaina came to SpicesForLess, she established a clear vision that has now become our mission statement for the Company:

"We bring fresh ideas, technology and convenience to an ancient trade."

Every day we relentlessly pursue our mission on behalf of our valued customers in North America and beyond…

We hope you enjoy our products and service,

Geoff and Kaina

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