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Private Labeling



There are many variables in coming up with the right private label option for your company. Here we have laid down the basics to help guide you through the process with us.

Choosing your products:

Spice For Less carries over 400 Products, Many of those are popular seasonings and blends. You can choose from our list- (here-  and we will package it for you under your own name!


OPTION A -Kraft Pouches

Package Type:

Our resealable kraft pouches are very user friendly and popular amongst private label companies. To see a picture of our packages, click here- Packaging

Package Size:

2 Ounce Package

4 Ounce Package

*For other sizes options please contact us

Minimum Order Requirement:

50 Pouches total. At least 25 pouches per product.


50- 200 Packages  -35%off our price list for the product/size you are inquiring about.

200 or More Packages -50%off our price list for the product/size you are inquiring about..


OPTION B-Bottles

Spicesforless has joined together with a professional co packer, and now has the ability to package thousands of bottles for your private label needs!

Minimum Order Requirement

-2,400 Bottles per product.

For more details about this option please reach out to us!