Private Labeling

Spices for Less is proud to be able to provide our customers with a private label option. Whether you are just starting out, selling on Amazon, or looking for a larger producer, Spices for Less can be your ideal supplier.

We have nearly 40 years of experience and we offer a wide array of spices, seasonings, and dehydrated vegetables. Our focus is high quality products at wholesale prices.

Please read the information below about our private label options and fill out the form to be in touch with one of our representatives.


There are two options for products:

  • Option 1: Existing Products - Choose a product amongst the hundreds of products that we already have on our website
  • Option 2: Custom Blends - Submit a recipe to us for a custom blend

Minimum Order Quantities

Existing Products - 200 Units Minimum
Should this be too much of one product for you, you may reach this minimum by dividing the 200 units with up to 4 products (50 units each).

Custom Blends - 200 lbs minimum
For example, if you chose to pack them in 4 oz pouches, the 200 lbs will be packed into 800 pouches (4oz each).


Please note that these are the only packing options we offer.

  • User-Friendly Kraft Pouches

    These pouches come in 3 different sizes, and are usually used to pack our 2oz, 4oz, 8oz and 16oz products.

  • Plastic Bags

    For larger amounts, ranging from 1lb to 5lb.

  • Plastic Bottles (one size)

    These bottles are generally called 4oz bottles, but depending on the size and weight of each product, they may hold between 1-5 ounces of product.


All packaging options that you see above come with labels on them (as pictured above). The only difference will be that they will feature your logo and name on them instead of Spicesforless. We can also add or change the name of the product and add some other details to the label should you wish, but we do not make changes to the design. A sample label will be sent to you for approval.

Should you want to design your own label, it will have to be done by a third party. We can then ship your packages without a label for you to apply the labels, or you can have your labels shipped to us to place on the package for you.