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I was getting my spices from across the country until I found Spices for Less. Very fresh product, affordable pricing and fast shipping. Thanks for making my business and life easier. 

Kristina J. NYC

Great, fresh, flavorful spices !   I've probably bought 20 - 25 different salts and spices from this company and they have always been fresh, flavorful & aromatic and the prices are competitive. When I need more, this is the place I'll purchase from.

Constance D.

I've eaten jerk for decades, worked at several Jamaican nightclubs and restaurants, and dined at many more. With one exception, this is the most flavorful and balanced (and unsalty!!!) Jerk blend I've found. Tonight I used my last to make a pork loin with raspberry coulis, sweet potatoes and calaloo. Last time I made jerk ribs. As soon as I saw I was going to run out I ran to [buy more] LOL. i tried this on a whim while pregnant based on the picture of the blend- it actually calmed my belly!!! I loved it and six months later still love it.

Elisha N.

Received my package earlier than expected. And as an added bonus also received a sample with my purchase and a personal thank you. I will definitely buy from this company again. Thank you! 

Lisa T, New Jersey

I  ordered pumpkin powder from you to put into my granola bars for a fall treat and I have to say that it is awesome.  Great color and taste.  I also liked the little pouch of rosemary that came with it, and it is also fantastic. I think I found my new spice company to go to!  Thank you so much.  The delivery was fast and everything was nice and tightly packed.

Shane B, Iowa

I absolutely love your spices they are so great!!! They have such great fresh flavor and the smell when you open them is amazing.I will be a repeat customer many times over!

Deborah W.

Thanks so much for the quality spices!   The cinnamon sticks are absolutely beautiful and very fragrant.  My order was packaged so well too!   Thanks again....I will be back for more!

I needed a lot of salt to cook a whole sea bass on very short notice. ....I felt defeated after realizing the Saturday delivery I needed would not arrive until Monday. Your company went out of your way to correct the situation, order my salt for Saturday delivery, and.....I cannot thank you enough for the excellent customer service which is so rare these days. 

Stacy, New York

I appreciate your communication regarding my recent order--the ease of tracking, etc.   Beyond that basic element of great customer service, I am very impressed with quality of the items I received.    I have already used several of them and I look forward to enjoying them in new recipes.

I have purchased items from [Xxxxxx's] in the past--you have them beat hands down and I will spread the word--congratulations!

Lisa R.
i am the chef of an Irish restaurant in Frederick Maryland and have thoroughly enjoyed your products and [am] convinced . . It is rare to find specialty items such as smoked salts or chili powders from restaurant purveyors, especially at a decent price. Thank you.
Chef Natalie
 Hi!   I'm in love with my spices from Spices For Less and am positive I'd like to have my private label spices from your business only.  I am looking forward to making warm turmeric milk tonight with your beautifully colored turmeric, and it smells so wonderful! Thank you for all your help!

- Lysa D, Rhode Island

Great! Thank you! You do have a lovely selection, yummy, too! ... I will be placing more orders as I need stuff. Purely *love* the curry/masala selection!  Now, if you can find key lime juice powder, I will be one even happier camper!

-Jane, Connecticut

I am very happy I came across your site. I have placed several orders now and could not be more pleased with your products!

- Michelle, Detroit Michigan

 I have been ordering in bulk for my cafe for 2 months now, and just wanted to say how happy I've been with the quality, service, and speedy delivery. Looking forward to several years of working with my new spice vendor!

- Elaine, Seattle

This is really a great place to find everything I need at the best prices!
- Kim, California

Thanks for the great descriptions of all your spices. Now I know what’s what lol.
- Jessica B, Montana

Some of the best prices I’ve seen anywhere…plus the wide selection of seasonings is great.
- Brian S, Connecticut

Thank you for the variety of spices you carry.  The spices are fresh and much cheaper than the grocery store.
- Amanda, New York 

I've ordered from Spices For Less several times now and have recommended them to my family and friends.  The quality and service are great!
- Christine, Delaware

Your site is excellent.  5 stars! The pictures and description of all your spices and herbs creates a wonderful shopping experience.
- Ralph, Wisconsin

I really love this site!  It gives me an opportunity to experiment with all sorts of spices and herbs at affordable prices.
- Diane, Massachusetts  

Your site has really been a savior to my brewery. Costs were getting high for me, so with your pricing, service, and speedy delivery, I will only be ordering with SFL from here on out.
- Larry, CO

I needed to refill my pantry with several spices and herbs.  I came across your website and ordered over 200 dollars worth of spices!  Shipping, quality and packaging were awesome!!
- Adam, Illinois

Site is so easy to use and the prices are great. Can’t wait to try the spices I just ordered :)
- Samantha P, Illinois

I have been satisfied with all the spices I have ordered so far.  Delivery time was quick.  Keep up the good service.
- Bob, New Mexico

I needed lots of different ethnic spices and herbs that are not available at the local grocery store.  You guys saved me time and money.
- Sarah, Florida  

I am impressed with the speedy delivery and quality - Your site rocks!
- Cathy, Alabama

Since I have high blood pressure the salt free seasonings are a life saver.  I can still enjoy some of my favorite foods thanks to you guys.
- Sean, Arizona  

I ended up buying ceylon cinnamon powder for baking and the flavor was out of this world!!! I am actually curious now to try the saigon cinnamon powder.
- Allen, Oregon

Just received my order for over 20 lbs worth of products, and am very impressed - I've ordered from other sites online before, but think I've found my bakery's new regular spice supplier! Good service, packaging, and of course great products at good prices. Keep up the good work!
- Toshi

love the spices I get from you guys and the customer service is really helpful.  thanks for providing such a wonderful experience.
- Ashley

You guys really figured out how to make people happy.  I have been shopping with you guys for some time now and will continue shopping with you for all my spice needs.
- Annie, Kentucky  

Great service & excellent prices. I've been using your products every month in my brewery and they couldn't be better! The deals on bulk are great so helps me experiement without worrying about my spice cost so much...keep it up!
- Jake

if you like to try different spices and don’t want to spend a lot of money this is the place to shop
- Rita S., Idaho

I recently moved to a small town in Ohio from NJ.  I took the availability of spices and herbs for granted.   With you guys now I still have access to the flavors of the world.  Thank You!
- Cindy M.

Everything I have ordered so far from you has been wonderful.  Fast delivery, nice packaging and quality spices. Will be ordering again soon.
- Shiela, North Carolina   

I was very pleased with my order. Very fresh spices and herbs.  TY
- Harris, New York

Your customer support is extremely knowledgeable and friendly.  I spoke with Avi and he was extremely helpful.  Keep up the good work.
- Sam, Michigan   

I often use carrot powder from you guys and the quality is always amazing.
- Connie, Ohio  

Thanks Jeff for all your help! I have been looking for a new supplier for months so very glad that search is over. And it's honestly comforting for me and my team to know you're on top of our needs and it makes doing business for us much less stressful.
- Patrick

I love cooking and buying spices at the grocery store is way too expensive so I searched online and found spicesforless and you guys really do sell spices for less.  Always a pleasure shopping with you.
- Veronica, NJ

These are some of the best spices I ever had. The garam masala and anise star were both full of flavor. I will always be a loyal customer!!!
- Gail V., Montana

This is the second time I have ordered and have been more than pleased with your products.   Also like the fact that your prices are very reasonable.  Thank you.
- Michelle, South Carolina

Thank you so much for bringing flavor to our meals.
- Erica

Two Thumbs Up!! Wonderful products, nice website and speedy delivery.  Couldn't ask for more.  Great job!!!
- Matt, Texas

Excellent quality and value! Site is also user friendly.
- Jimmy, Vermont

Definitely love all the spice choices you have.  I told all my friends who like cooking about you. Thank you.
- Lynn, Washington DC

Awesome products and fast delivery! Made some really great meals. Will be back soon!
- Maria H, Massachusetts

I bought several spices from your website for a dinner party I was hosting.  Everything was just delicious.  Thank you!
- Tonya, Arizona

I am a huge fan. I almost used up all the spices I ordered and now I need to place my 2nd order!!!
- Viola, Tennessee  

I really love shopping on your site!! I have ordered several times and everything is fresh and as promised. Thank You
- Patty

I recently ordered vanilla beans to make vanilla vodka and they were simply wonderful.
- Sherry, Kansas

Love your site...have always had trouble ordering the quantities I need for my cafe, but your 5 lb & 10 lb options are perfect! Great prices, and really speedy delivery too. I have recommended you to several friends as well! TY!
- Chris R, New York

Didn’t know there were so many different types of chillis! Very excited to try some new recipes.
- Matt R, Nebraska

I m a cautious online shopper so the first order I placed was a fairly small one to test the waters and you guys passed all my requirements!
- Ada, New Mexico

I am very pleased with everything about spicesforless. The site is easy to navigate and the spices and prices are excellent. I used the 10 percent coupon you offered when signing up for your newsletter which saved me 5 dollars and I also received free shipping which I know is expensive these days.    A pleasure doing business with you!
- Vicky, Arkansas  

really cool site!!! I love spices!!!!!
- Lindsay

I not only consider SFL a vendor, but more importantly a partner. When you're ordering over 100 lbs/month, you need to be able to trust the quality, price, and service, and that's what I've gotten here. Has made doing business easier and more profitable - so what else could I ask for in spice supplier??
- Jim

I was searching for cardamom seeds and came across the powder form which was great because I didn’t have to grind it myself.  My order was shipped the same day I ordered it which is impressive plus the packaging was nice.  Will definitely be ordering again.
- Carla A, Nevada

What a wonderful place to buy spices!!!
- Hope, Wisconsin

I have been ordering for my building's cafeteria for a couple months now, and just wanted to say I appreciate your going above and beyond with each order. Have always been able to quickly resolve any questions, and get my shipments fast. It's made my job much easier!
- Angela

Thank you for offering such great spices at reasonable prices!!
- Helen, Maine

Love my spices from your site…great prices and small quantities to try new recipes, you guys are the best!!!
- Daniele, Colorado

Our latest dips and dressing line has been a huge hit at the local fairs! Couldn't have done it without your help. Your flexibility to help out a small business like mine has been much appreciated.
- Lance, Virginia

I really love the spices and seasonings I bought. They are fresh and less expensive than purchasing them in the grocery stores.
- Alexis

I just did a price comparison with your bulk prices and what I've been getting from my distributor all these years. No contest! SFL is the clear winner - especially with some of the harder to find items that I use more heavily in certain recipes. Will be ordering exclusively from you guys moving forward, and hoping to continue quickly receiving your excellent products.
-Jose V

Ordered several times from your site and have been very pleased with each experience. Thank you very much.
- Sadie, Connecticut

I came to your website to buy tandoori spice and ended buying 15 additional spices.  They looked great from the moment they arrived. Beautiful packaging!
- Monica, Virgina

Ordered a lot of spices recently and everything was fresh and very nicely packaged.
- Bozena R, Florida

I have recommended your site to all my friends, co workers and family.  Very user friendly, low cost spices, usually get free shipping plus you accept paypal.
- Jeff from PA

Very impressed with your huge selection, prices, delivery time and quality. Keep up the good work!!!
- Rosanna in South Carolina

I love your spices!! Very flavorful and fairly priced.
- Sylvia from Utah

Just wanted to take a quick opportunity to thank you for your wonderful service. Just placed my 4th bulk order for my micro-brewery, and as usual everything was smooth once again. It honestly is refreshing to know I can consistently expect good service, high quality, and great prices from you on each order. It has literally changed the way I handle my production runs. TY!!
- Stephen

I am very impressed with your site and have placed several orders now.  I particularly love your pictures since I prefer to see what I am actually purchasing!!
- Kate, Mississippi

I found this site while searching for garam masala. My order was shipped the same day and the quality was wonderful. I will definitely be ordering again in the near future.
- Sophie in Denver, CO
When my order arrived the spices were nicely packed and it was nice to see a packing slip that included the details of my order and was pleasantly surprised to see a 10 percent off coupon towards my next purchase.  Will definitely be ordering again soon. Thanks.
- Natalie, Indiana

You really have a great selection of spices and herbs! I cook much more often and my family loves it!!!
- Kendra Oklahoma City

Variety, promotions and fast shipping.  Its always a pleasure to shop with you!!!
- Annie, GA

I've been manufacturing my own blends and flavors for years, and love finally having a regular, affordable high quality supplier of bulk spices. Has been so easy working with you and saved me a ton of money, so only positive reviews from me!
- Felix in Indiana

Very pleased with my order. Spices were flavorful and great quality. Will be ordering from you again. Thanks!
- Eva K, New York