Saffron, Premium Grade Spanish

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About Saffron, Premium Grade Spanish

Product Info:
Saffron (Crocus Sativus) is the most expensive spice in the world, mainly due to its harvesting process. Saffron comes from a crocus flower. The female pistil has 3 components, the stigma, style and ovary. The pistil has one style that branches into three distinct stigmas. These three stigmas are the Saffron threads. Each crocus flower produces only 3 threads, and it takes over 200,000 stigmas to make 1 lb. of threads The crocus flowers stand about 1 ft. high and must be harvested by hand. The threads of a crocus are deep red and bright orange in color and are about 1" long. The threads have a taste of bitter almonds. Saffron is used to flavor dishes and as a yellow dye. Most of the Saffron sold in the U.S. comes from Spain. Other areas that produce Saffron include Portugal, Italy, France, Turkey and India. Can also be spelled safron.

Suggested Use:
Saffron's delicate flavor compliments light meats, fish and poultry. Frequently used to season Pilaf, Italian Risotto and Mexican rice. It's often added to breads like Saffron buns, a traditional part of Swedish Christmas meals. Saffron is directly added to the dish at the beginning of the cooking process.

Spanish Saffron threads.

Basic Prep:
Saffron has a distinctive aroma and a penetrating, bitter, but highly aromatic taste. The threads need no preparation. For best results with flavor and color, grind the threads prior to use. When adding threads to dishes with very little liquid, soak saffron first in luke warm water and add to the end of cooking.

Product Reviews

  • 5
    Spanish Saffron

    Posted by Unknown on 23rd May 2018

    Excellent quality for a very good price.

  • 5

    Posted by Jeff, Florida on 12th Nov 2015 is my goto supplier for fresh, first rate saffron. Price, service, quality - what's not to like?

  • 5

    Posted by Debra, Kentucky on 1st May 2012

    Your saffron was wonderful! TY

  • 5
    smells and tastes wonderful

    Posted by rebecca, wisconsin on 30th Mar 2012

    i still cant believe your saffron is so inexpensive and the quality is amazing! ty

  • 5
    Great Quality Saffron!

    Posted by Rachael, Nevada on 27th Mar 2012

    Was impressed with quality and delivery of your saffron Will be ordering again soon. Thanks!

  • 5
    Very happy with my purchase

    Posted by Natalie, California on 23rd Dec 2011

    Your saffron quality was amazing along with the other spices I purchased. Thanks

  • 5

    Posted by Seth on 16th Dec 2011

    enjoyed so much, i'm about to place a 2nd order

  • 5

    Posted by Andrea P in Florida on 5th Dec 2011

    have been using this quite a bit. tastes great.

  • 5
    best saffron

    Posted by Karoline, TN on 30th Nov 2011

    I agree! Have tried saffron from a bunch of places, but this was by far the best. Intense flavor really came out and seems very reasonably priced..